Getting Rid of Fruit Flies

Life cycle of a fruit fly.  And yes, they really do have little beady red eyes.

Life cycle of a fruit fly. And yes, they really do have little beady red eyes.

Every once in a while, I forget to take the food scraps out to the compost bin in the back yard. Since I’m not about to trek out there in the dark through our uneven back yard, I save them for the next day. If I forget to cover the container, we inevitably end up with a few fruit flies in the kitchen.

And then there was that one time we did the indoor composting bins, that stayed indoors for less than a day before we ended up putting them outside to later dump the contents into the big outdoor bin.

This is what works for me when they start showing up in my kitchen:
I use a small, white ceramic dish or tea-cup.  In it, I mix one teaspoon of sugar.  Add a tablespoon of white or apple cider vinegar, and mix well.  Fill it up with tepid water, add a few drops of dish soap (if you have something lemony, that’s ideal.  It always seems to work best for me.)

When I was researching this, I saw recipes calling for organic sugar and organic apple cider vinegar.  That stuff is super expensive, and honestly, the idea is to kill the little buggers, not make them a gourmet meal.  Besides, they really don’t care either way.

When The Indoor Composting Incident happened, this worked extremely well.  I placed a couple of these around the kitchen and dining area, and I had to empty them three times in the first hour.  I then had to empty them three more times during that day, and my house was nearly fly-free by that evening.  Pretty amazing, considering that I couldn’t take a breath without inhaling them earlier that morning.

The next time I have to make one, I’m going to do an experiment to see if putting a funnel on it catches more.  The one to the left is the most amusing one I’ve seen yet.  My dark sense of humor, which apparently Stormageddon has inherited from me.  He’s been begging me for a Venus Fly Trap.


Of course, this is what pops into my head…



But I suspect that this is what pops into his head:

The unfortunate truth is that he’s probably got something more like this in mind…

Be Well,

~ Just a Mom

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2 Responses to Getting Rid of Fruit Flies

  1. Pixie Marie says:

    A fine mist of rubbing alcohol will kill them as well….and leave the house with that fresh from the hospital scent. But it does work.

    • Just a Mom says:

      My mom uses it to spray her house plants and the top of the soil they’re planted in when they start nesting in her pots… rubbing alcohol in water with a bit of soap. She used mint Castile soap once, and figured out that it didn’t kill them. It only made them smell minty when she gave up and started squishing them with her fingers (gross!)

      The good thing about the traps is that you don’t end up having the spray land in inconvenient places (like in your margarita), and you don’t end up having to sweep up the dead flies. 😉 But the next time I have a swarm of them like I did with the bins, I may find that whipping out The Spray Bottle of DOOM has a much more satisfying feel than waiting for them to land in a dish.

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