Blogs, Websites, and Articles That I Like

OK, I skipped a day… I’m just trying to get back on this, though, so I’m allowed a slip-up now and then, right?  Anyway, while I’m working out the next steps to take with this, I thought I’d plug a few favorites.  Aside from giving me a place to go back and find them (rather than making the sad attempts at sorting through my “favorites” and bookmarks… again…), it might send one or two others their way.

Here’s my newest favorite, Almost Exactly.  AlexRaye proves that you can use all natural, home-made beauty products and still look fabulous.  Also, her bubbly personality comes through in her writing, and sometimes that’s just what a mom needs to read while drinking her morning (or afternoon) coffee to help her perk up.  (No pressure to keep that up or anything, AlexRaye, but it is a nice change from a lot of the doom and gloom I’ve been seeing lately. 🙂 )

I like this blog because I’ve heard so many people say “I can’t afford to stock up”, or “I can’t afford the cost of getting prepared”.   Anyone who can read this and still say that is just looking for excuses.

Interesting tidbits at Geek Prepper.

I came across this post today, and it made me chuckle at first.  A lot.  Then I realized that they’re right.  My husband already keeps a roll of TP in the car for those “I’ve gotta go NOW!” emergencies, but what do you do if it’s just gone?  A few minutes later, I came across this blog post, and it really had me rolling.  All I could think was “Yep, this is how my family would be… I’d say “hey, let’s try this!” and the husband would say “Uh… no.”  When I mentioned these two articles to him, he seemed pretty sure it’d be the other way around.  Because of the washing.  But you know what?  If that’s all we had to use, that’s what we’d be using.

Here’s an article for the mom’s out there, because we could all use a little help around the house, amIright?  I’m sure that a lot of moms out there feel as overwhelmed as I do, are exhausted, and become easily distracted from what they want and need to be focused on.  I think Doctor G’s article can help, at least a little.

Be Well, and Enjoy!

~ Just a Mom

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