Sleep is Important to Moms and Preppers



With my son starting school this week, I have become painfully aware of how important sleep is.  I nearly always go to bed much later than I should, and with two young children, there’s no such thing as sleeping in.  To complicate matters further, I must once again set the alarm clock and rise on schedule.

When Mamma doesn’t get enough sleep, she becomes forgetful, irritable, unmotivated… basically, not a very likable person.  General tiredness can throw off your entire day.  It can also seriously affect your health.

I came across this article, which gives some insight into how lack of sleep affects brain function.  It’s more geared towards insomnia, because really, who in their right mind would ever not get enough sleep on purpose?  Oh, right…

Sadly, if this article is to be believed, I should be getting somewhere between 10-12 hours of sleep per night.  At least that’s how I feel much of the time.  Seriously, right now I could curl up into a ball on the sofa and sleep.  After downing an entire pot of coffee, no less.  I’m sure I get that from my mother.

See? Drool.

The problem, aside from general crankiness and lack of motivation, is that lack of sleep can also impair our ability to act quickly in an emergency situation.  If you’ve been getting fewer than 6 hours of sleep a night for the last few weeks (or months… or 6 years, in my case) and suddenly had to think quick on your feet, you may suffer a brainfart and not know what to do next.

The really idiotic thing about all this is that no one is keeping me up but me.  I’m not suffering from insomnia (though I did for quite a long time, the second my head hits my pillow these days I’m out like a light), I’m just too tired to get myself to bed.  So, from now on I shall be getting myself to bed earlier.  By 11, latest.  I’ve been saying this to my husband for months (possibly years… I forget.  I blame lack of sleep.  I blame lack of sleep for pretty much everything, really.)  But not tonight, because last night I became addicted to Sherlock, and I lack willpower.  For that, I blame K who’s been telling me for months now “You’ve got to watch Sherlock! You’ll love it!”  So… starting Sunday night.  Honest. (Starting tonight would be like trying to start a diet in October.  Completely useless.  Never attempt a diet until after New Years, and plan on a break for Easter.  Solid advice.)

Well-rested = Better prepared. 🙂

Be well,

Just a Mom

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2 Responses to Sleep is Important to Moms and Preppers

  1. Karen u says:

    Hey! Seriously though, don’t wait until Sunday.

    • Just a Mom says:

      Much better advice (for me) than “You’ve got to watch Sherlock!”. I won’t even tell you what time I got to bed last night. :p Today is going to be a three cuppa day.

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